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Helpful Reminders
1.  Did you know?  “Vermillion Community in Huntersville” is a Facebook page created and maintained by Vermillion residents for the purpose of meeting neighbors and sharing information.  It is not run by the HOA but it is a great place for social networking and fellowship!
2. Remember to screen and store waste receptacles from view of the street after trash services to help provide curb appeal to the community.

3. Always be sure to pick up behind your pet. Please be mindful of your neighbors in the community and assist in maintaining the grounds. 
4. All marketing signage must be the approved design provided by Sign Source. Click here to place your order!

Community News

Vermillion Townhomes Only!!! Gutter Cleaning
Posted on Aug 27th, 2018
Dear Residents,
Beginning this Wednesday, gutters and downspouts will be cleaned throughout the Townhome areas.  Please do not be alarmed if you see people on the roofs or ladders around your Townhome.  Please be aware also that they will  be accessing the back yards of units with fences dividing them as well via ladder.  If you have anything by the fences that can be moved so as not to be damaged or eliminate their ability to access your yard, please take care to move those items.     The process is expected to take about 2 weeks, weather permitting.  Please see the diagram below showing the order the work will be done in.  Please do not call the office and ask when your unit will be done.  They will progress in this order at the speed they are able to based an several factors.  We will try to give you updates as this project progresses. 
After this is complete, we will begin (approximately 3 weeks from now) the exterior wood rot repairs and painting that is needed on many of the townhomes.  Some of the townhomes are new and will require almost no work, if any, to be done.  Of course, those completed in the last couple of years will not be getting new paint at this time.  There will likely be some touchup of some stairs and other areas that were poorly done by the builder but, as with all of this, it is a unit by unit scenario.    These repairs will follow the same pattern below. 
As a side note, please check the Kuester.com website regularly for updates on these projects.  We will keep that site up to date as much as possible during this.  The master site will notify everyone in the community and can be an annoyance for Townhome specific things that don’t affect the rest of the community so we ask that you register for that site if you have not already.  www.kuester.com.  
Trashcan Storage Guideline Reminder
Posted on Jan 25th, 2017
Trash cans must be stored:
  1. Storage inside Garage
  2. Storage on the side of Home/Garage and screened from view of any street or alley by:  
    1. A constructed screen of a material, type and size approved by the Architectural Committee; or
    2. Permanent vegetation ofa size and type to adequately screen said trash container from view of the any street or alley
All trash receptacles must be stored inside a permanent structure or screened from view of the street at all times, EXCEPT between the hours of 5:00 PM the day before trash collection and 8:00 a.m. the day after trash collection.
Sign Information
Posted on Aug 8th, 2016
This post is being updated from the original 2015 posting below.  The source for the approved neighborhood For Sale sign has relocated.  All of their phone and emails are the same but their physical location has changed to the following.
The Sign Source
The NEW Hyde Park Storage Suites
10228 Bailey Road Suite 203
Cornelius, NC 28031
Original Posting from 2015.
In the interest of protecting the values of our homes and the beauty of the neighborhood, our community has published standards in our bylaws and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). 
As a reminder, all "for sale" signs should conform to the standard posted in our bylaws. 
This applies to all signage, other than security signs.  Vermillion does not permit contractor signs to be posted in front of the homes where the work is being performed.  Garage sales must be scheduled by the HOA and done as a community.  We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining these standards since we all take so much pride in our community. 
All governing documents can be accessed by clicking the Documents & Forms link to the left.
Thank you,
Vermillion HOA Board
Street Tree Replacement Requests
Posted on Sep 30th, 2015
You need to request ARC approval before planting of a tree.  The type, size and position will be included in the approval.  Please see the Architectural Requests link for specific instructions on how to request a replacement tree. There is not a $25 fee to submit a request to the Architectural Committee for a replacement.