Vermillion Trailway
The Vermillion Trailway is a beautifully serene nature pathway that winds through the Vermillion residential community. The total distance of the Vermillion Trailway from it's beginning at Vermillion's Warfield Avenue entrance to it's current end at Waymar Flying Field is about 1 ¼ miles and takes the average walker about 1 hour to navigate there & back. There are also trailway loops & side paths that extend from the main trailway into other sections of Vermillion. The trailway is rugged & can be muddy after rainy or snowy weather. There are bridges over some of the larger stream crossings, while there are other crossings that require stepping along rocks but, otherwise, it is an easy walk! It is child & pet friendly, but is not yet stroller friendly.
While it currently has no official local government designation, that may change for part of it fairly soon. It is located on land that is owned by Mecklenburg County, the Vermillion Homeowners Association and Bowman Development Group (Vermillion's developer), all of which have approved of our use of the land. The trailway route is planned as a future Huntersville Parks & Recreation Greenway link to "The Vine", the Town of Huntersville's trailway system. It is several years away from official designation & development for several reasons. In the shorter term there is an expectation that the County will designate a segment of the trail as a “Dirtway” which could open up local government funding for future construction & maintenance. This can only happen when the county has ownership & control of the land and is likely to occur in two steps; From Cinnabar Place to Forrester Ave and then from Forrester to the Waymar Flying Field.
For now, new trailway sections, upgrades & regular maintenance is performed by resident volunteers. Trailway work equipment is currently borrowed from residents of Vermillion or rented from local vendors and supplies are purchased with funds donated by Vermillion residents through fundraisers.
Are you a resident who enjoys the Vermillion Trailway? Volunteer to help maintain the trailway! Please e-mail Despina Kaddouri, the Vermillion Trailway workday & group walking event coordinator, at to join the trailway work crew!