Posted on Jul 24th, 2012


Our tree lined streets create the sense that Vermillion is more than a housing development, but rather a community with character and roots.  In addition, these features enhance our privacy, property values and create a comfortable environment with cooling shade and a scenic view from almost any location in our neighborhood.

Recently there have been several inquires about the homeowner responsibilities with regards to the trees planted along the community streets.

The Vermillion covenants assign responsibility for the care and maintenance associated with this landscaping to the property owner.

Additionally, by local ordinance, property owners are required to keep trees and landscape foliage trimmed in a manner which does not create a hazard to pedestrians on sidewalks.

Tree trimming is not included in our landscaping contract.

In the past some residents have gathered as a group and performed needed maintenance, such as keeping the trees “limbed up” above the sidewalks and streets around and near their properties.  Neighbors co-operating on projects like this are a great way to form bonds and relationships which strengthen the community and are encouraged.

The Vermillion HOA board has a landscape committee. They may be able to provide assistance to organize efforts for interested groups.

Please take a look at your trees and give them the attention they deserve for providing so much beauty to our wonderful Vermillion community.

The  HOA and Management Company are in place to assist and you are encouraged to contact either with any questions or need for assistance.

An email with more detailed information on this subject was recently sent to all of our residents registered on the website.

Resources for tree care for your information:
Town of Huntersville -  look for ‘Tree Standards’ and ‘Tree Protection’.

Town of Huntersville - guidelines are taken from  Click on 'Tree Care Info' and 'Pruning Young Trees'.

North Carolina State University, extension service - has guidelines also.  Enter 'Pruning Trees' in search box.