Vermillion Pool Information
Posted on May 7th, 2014

Hello Vermillion residents!  It is finally pool season and we are happy to announce that the pool will be opening on Saturday, May 10th.  For details on pool hours, rules, access cards and other related questions, please visit the Pool section on our webpage. 
In our ongoing effort to ensure that Vermillion remains an outstanding place to live for people of all ages, we have hired a very capable pool management company to keep the area safe and pleasant for everyone.  The board has personally met with them and expectations have been made clear on both sides.
We ask that all residents familiarize themselves with the pool rules.  They can be found at  The fully trained lifeguards are in charge of the pool and their directions must be followed at all times - inclusive of lifeguard break times, adult swim lanes, and no glass containers in the pool area. (the entire fenced-in area)  Cooperation with the lifeguard's leadership is absolutely necessary to ensure a safe environment and to comply with Mecklenburg County ordinances.  
If a situation arises where you feel you have been unfairly treated at the pool, we ask that you contact the HOA at  
Thank you and we'll see you at the pool!