Door to Door Solicitations
Posted on Apr 28th, 2014

Hello Vermillion residents! We’re finally enjoying Carolina blue skies and warm weather. Along with the spring climate come the door to door solicitors, such as lawn care companies, bug spraying companies, etc.

The community of Vermillion has a policy of no solicitation, even if the company has obtained a permit with the town of Huntersville. If you feel you are being annoyed by solicitors, the Huntersville police have asked that you call 911 to report the solicitor. We know that sounds a bit aggressive, but it is how the HPD tracks their calls best and it’s their preferred method of contact for police assistance.
Eliminating door to door solicitors in our neighborhood keeps Vermillion safer, as well as allows for the quiet enjoyment of our properties.

Thank you for helping to keep Vermillion a safe, fun and beautiful place to live.