Townhome Roofs
Posted on Mar 30th, 2016

4/7 . The order of the work remains the same as previously published.   The current work on the roofs is going well.  In the interest of efficiency, there will be a change in the process, but nothing that will be noticeable to you at this point.  Due to the weather today and potential of rain this coming Tuesday, The 2nd building on Cinnabar may not start until Thursday of next week.  When there is a potential of rain, the vendor only removes what they know they can put back on that day.  When there is no rain expected, they can tear off more and, as long as the felt is down, over night is not a big deal.  This has caused a little delay.  This is also why we haven't published the schedule too far in advance.  With each property there is a learning curve as to what various process will work there.  Thank you for your patience.   Click here for the map referenced below.
Click here for information from the Contractor about things to do before work begins.
March 29, 2016
Dear Townhome Owners;
We have some exciting news.  As a result of some recent leaks, we had a vendor review the roofs in the townhome area and determined that there was significant damage and that it was likely due to wind and hail damage.  After discussing this with the vendor and the insurance agent, we decided to file a claim.  The adjusters came out and agreed that the damage would be covered by the Associations insurance policy.  They are finalizing some of the details as we speak but they have already provided us with the results of the inspection.  The good news is that units with significantly older roofs are all being replaced by insurance.  Basically, if you have a 3 tab shingle on your roof, you will be getting a new roof.  If you have the architectural shingles, there was no damage noted to yours. 
What does this mean for you?  It means that over the next several months, we will be systematically working our way through the Townhome neighborhoods replacing roof shingles, boots, flashing and other components.  We will notify each building a week or so prior to the planned work for your building.   
Please see the attached flyer for things you need to do to prepare for this work.  It is a comprehensive list of actions each of you or your tenants should take.  We would like to accomplish this project with as little disruption as possible for both you and the contractor.  Please don’t contact us asking what specific day yours will be done.  You will get a door hanger from the vendor in advance of the work being done so if you use your back door primarily as you come and go, please keep an eye out for hangers on your front door.  The order is being scheduled so that it is most efficient for the contractor but it is starting with the building with the most damage.  Please see the attached map for the buildings that are affected and the first two buildings we plan to do.  Keep an eye out at your front door and on the website as we will update the map as we move forward. 
Please be aware of the following. 
  • Obviously weather and other factors will play a part in the progress.  The schedule is subject to change.  A published date is a goal, not a guarantee.
  • If your unit requires the use of a saw, the vendor may plug into your electric supply to accomplish this task.  It will only be for a very short period of time and use minimal electricity.  Electricity will only be used for the unit that is being serviced. The air compressors they will use are gas powered so they will not need electricity for those during the project.
  • There will be street closures during the project for the safety of the crew and public.  Please be sure your vehicles are out of the way when your building is being worked on.  We know this is inconvenient but it will only be for as short a time as possible.    
I will continue to send out e-blasts to keep you up to date on the progress.  Please be sure and talk to your neighbors to be sure they are aware of this project.  If they haven’t heard about it, please make sure they get with Kuester to ensure we have proper contact info so they can be kept informed of what is going on.  If you have any questions that have not already been answered, please send them to  The vendor has provided his information as well should you need it. 
Christopher S. Chaffin, CMCA®
Director of Management
On behalf of Vermillion Homeowners Association