Huntersville Police Meeting
Posted on Feb 19th, 2015

Hello Mr. Bezer. I am following up on our telephone conversation from earlier today concerning last night's burglary and several reports of gunshots that were heard in the Vermillion neighborhood. The burglary occurred in the 10100 block of Vanguard Parkway and was first reported to the Police at 12:40 AM. Officers were dispatched immediately and the first unit arrived on the scene in less than four minutes. The suspects had fled the scene prior to our officers arrival and were not apprehended. Any time a burglary occurs it is a matter of great concern to the Huntersville Police Department. This is especially the case when the residence is occupied. Both Patrol officers and specially trained detectives from our Investigations Division responded last night and are continuing with the investigation of the incident. The crime scene has been processed in hopes of locating forensic evidence that may have been left by the suspects. Earlier today officers were out canvassing nearby houses in the neighborhood to see if witnesses to last night's incident could be located and to see if any of the nearby homes have video camera that may have captured the suspects on film. Officers have been directed to increase their patrols in the Vermillion area and to spend some of their uncommitted time there.
Last night there were also several shots fired calls that were reported in and around the Vermillion community. These reports came in during a seven minute time frame between 11:38 PM and 11:45 PM and corresponded with a call for the sound of fireworks. No specific locations were given for the shots fired calls and officers circulating in the area were not able to locate anyone. The shots fired calls occurred nearly an hour before the burglary call and we do not have any information that suggests that the incidents were related.
Vermillion is a very safe community with a very high quality of life and incidents such as last night's burglary are not common there. Please let me assure you that the Huntersville police Department is committed to arresting those persons responsible for the burglary and to keeping Vermillion and all of our communities safe. I understand why this burglary and the shots fired calls have raised concern among Vermillion residents and would like to give residents an opportunity to voice their concerns. I have directed the Watch Commander, Lieutenant Scott Sharp, to attend the Vermillion Home Owner's Association Meeting this Wednesday along with members of his staff. I may also attend if I am able to reschedule another commitment. Please don't hesitate to share this email with Vermillion residents and I look forward to seeing you Wednesday.
Chief Cleveland L. Spruill
Huntersville Police Department
9630 Julian Clark Avenue
Huntersville, N.C. 28078