Posted on Feb 18th, 2013

The Vermillion HOA, Board of Directors has approved funding for both the pine straw/mulching plan and for the first phase of tree maintenance.

The board felt it was in the communities’ best interest to assure that our trees were properly limbed up by qualified persons to provide for both safe access on our sidewalks and a uniform appearance.
The first phase will include the trees between the side-walks and streets which are most in need.
The tree work will begin ASAP, perhaps as soon as this week. 

The board approved funding for pine straw and mulching. It was decided that this expense is justified to provide a quality, uniform appearance and proper vegetation control in landscaped areas and around trees.

Pine straw will be placed around ALL street trees, both those in community landscaping and in front of homes. This project will begin in a few weeks, as soon as materials are available and weather permits.

An email with greater details on both projects has been sent to all residents registered on the website.
Any questions concerning either of these projects should be directed to the BOD through the Vermillion HOA website.