THE GOATS have come and gone . . . but they'll be back
Posted on Oct 16th, 2012

What does Vermillion have in common with Davidson College, NC State, as well as numerous other colleges and municipal parks in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and other Southern states?  Kudzu and Goats.  This Fall, Bowman Development 'hired' goats to clear kudzu along the creek in a conservation-minded effort to combat "the vine that ate the South."  The goats not only proved effective at consuming kudzu and revealing previously hidden contours of the land, but they were a great tourist attraction as well!  Children and adults alike enjoyed taking time to watch the goats at work. 
Interesting kudzu lore:
  • kudzu can grow as much as a foot a day during the summer, and up to 60 feet per year
  • many herbicides have little effect on the vine, while others actually promote growth!
  • kudzu was introduced to this country in 1876, and in the 1930's our government paid farmers to plant it as a soil erosion measure. 
  • one kudzu joke:  how do you plant kudzu?  Throw it over your shoulder and RUN!
If you missed the goats this fall, don't worry.  They'll be back in the Spring!!