Vermillion-related Town Board Hearing
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2013

Those of you who attended the May 2012 Community Meeting know that Nate Bowman announced his plans for donating land for a K-8 private school in Vermillion.  The first step for this requires a text ammendment allowing for School Stacking Lanes to accommodate drop-off and pick-up traffic.
Bowman Development Group has informed the HOA that a public hearing is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. this Monday, January 7, at the Huntersville Town Hall.
The Vermillion HOA Board of Directors has not participated in formal discussions about these plans and does not expect to hold any discussions about the proposed change in use or traffic patterns prior to the January 7 hearing, and therefore canno offer any input on residents' behalf at the hearing.
As a service to the community, a copy of the proposal, "Petition #TA 12-09 Revisions to Article 9.53.3, School Stacking Lane (drop-off and pick-up lanes) Provision Request" is available for your review in the Documents & Forms area of the website. [click on Documents & Forms at left.  Petition TA 12-09 is the first document listed, under "Timely Documents for Review."]
This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard in the plans for a school in Vermillion.  We encourage you to reveiw the documents and share your thoughts with the Town Planning Board.  The town planning board will meet again on Jan 29 to make reconciliations, and the town commissioners are scheduled to hear the item on Feb 4.
Because this is not an item up for discussion or decision by the HOA Board of Directors, please direct any questions to Bowman Development Company.